When we do our weekly clean we concentrate on the areas of the home which get the most use such as the kitchen and the bathroom. However there is also one other area in the home that although only sees passing use is important to be kept clean.

Keeping the hallway of any house clean is imperative. It is not only the first place that visitors to your home will see, it is also the place where we walk into the house and wipe our feet. This means that it’s also the place where the majority of dirt and dust from outside enters the home.

If you take your shoes off in the hallway you’ll likely leave deposits from the soles of the shoes across the floor, which can then later be brought further into the house on the soles of your slippers. This is why it’s important to concentrate on the hallway floor when cleaning.

Ideally the floor in the hallway should be vacuumed regularly; every other day should normally suffice. If you have tiles, wooden floor or even laminate flooring in the hall this should also be mopped regularly to remove the grit and dirt which will otherwise enter the home unless it is removed.