It’s probably fair to say that there are not a large number of people who love doing the housework. Things like dusting, washing, wiping and tidying are not at the top of people’s most wanted jobs to do. House cleaning can be tiresome, strenuous and downright boring. But while vacuuming and dusting once in a while might not be too difficult to do, a deep-down clean is normally out of the question for most homeowners.

A deep-down clean is needed in most homes around once a month. The general cleaning tasks such as the dusting and the vacuuming should be done at least once a week, but once a month things which also need to be done include:

• Wiping the skirting and architraves
• Cleaning grout
• Moving furniture to clean behind
• Completely cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
• Cleaning windows
• Wiping pictures and mirrors

There really is no substitute for getting your home professionally cleaned at least once every month. The tasks which you don’t normally do can be taken care of and your home can be a clean and hygienic place to live.