A rug can make a significant difference to the look and the feel of a room. Even the simplest styles and decor can be enhanced dramatically when you add a funky rug to the room.

Rugs like carpets need to be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dust, dirt and debris from their surface. Rugs that are not cared for can quickly look shabby and grubby and spoil the whole look of the room.

Just like your carpets will need to be cleaned on a regular basis rugs also need a little extra care and attention. But unfortunately homeowners only too often try to clean their rugs themselves, which can often end in disaster. Some homeowners use generic carpet cleaning products on their rugs, which can actually do more harm than good, and some even try to stuff their rugs in the washing machine, little realising that when they come out there size may be dramatically reduced.

To keep rugs looking at their best the cleaning aspect is best left to the professionals. Professional carpet cleaners in London can make your rugs look like new without the risk that comes with cleaning your rug yourself.