We’re often asked how to get windows looking great. A quick look online will give you many methods for cleaning windows with all types of cloths, squeegees and new-fangled spray formulas purported to give you the best finish. However it’s often the case that the old methods are in fact the best.

Many people use a window cleaning spray on their windows which is then wiped away with a clean, dry cloth or kitchen roll. This can work but can also leave streaks if the window was quite dirty initially. It’s therefore recommended to fill a bowl with hot water and a drop of washing up liquid. Use a clean cloth dipped in this liquid and rung out to wipe over the windows. This will give a very slight foaming action and will remove grease and dirty marks. When the window has been cleaned using this method it can be wiped over with a clean cloth.

To get the best finish you can then clean the window again using a window cleaning spray (a good quality spray, not a supermarket own brand) and a dry cloth. This will remove smears or dirty marks and give a crystal-clear finish.

It’s important not to clean windows when they are in direct sunlight as the cleaning solution will dry too quickly and leave marks on the window.