There are some areas in the home which require cleaning more often than others. The kitchen and the bathroom are perhaps the two rooms which need the greatest amount of attention placed on the cleaning regime and the regularity of cleaning.

If you use the services of a reliable cleaning company in London you’ll know how much emphasis these companies place on both these rooms. Some rooms, such as a lounge or study, may require a tickle with a duster one a week or simply a vacuum, but when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen these rooms need to be given special attention.

Kitchen cleaning

Because the kitchen is the place where food is prepared it needs to be hygienically clean. The surfaces will need to be wiped with a disinfectant solution and the anywhere where food is stored or prepared should be given special attention. Cooking also produces airborne grease particles which can coat surfaces if they aren’t cleaned regularly, resulting in an unsightly and unhygienic film of grease coating all the visible surfaces.

Bathroom cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have a shower or a bath it’s not long before you’ll notice that the bath or shower soon start to look grubby if they are used regularly. These need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking pristine. Likewise the toilet, sink and taps should also be cleaned on a regular basis to remove harmful bacteria which can multiply if left to stagnate.