A beach cleaning campaign on the Isle of Man has been a huge success says organiser Bill Dale.

The beach cleanup campaign was instigated after more and more rubbish began accumulating on the islands beaches. In just the few days of the campaign 60 bags of rubbish were collected from several beaches including Chapel beach, Gansey and The Lhen by the Beach Buddies, who now want to start an ‘Adopt a Beach’ campaign to increase public awareness and keep the island’s beaches clean.

The organiser of the cleanup, Bill Dale, said:

“It has been a huge success and the best part is the number of new volunteers.

“It has been fantastic to see so many new faces helping and we need to keep up the good work.

“We hope that local groups will get involved with our Adopt a Beach campaign and look after them throughout the year. We have already received interest from several groups which is very exciting.”

During the clean up various items were removed from the island’s beaches including a TV, a Dublin council sign and a Scalextric track.