Now that the majority of UK schools are firmly in the middle of the long summer holidays, many parents are now really starting to feel the effects.

Keeping the home tidy can be a difficult task during the school term, when children are only around for a couple of hours, so the chaos which can be created during the school holidays can result in hours of cleaning and tidying.

Even parents who try to tidy up after children straight away can find that their efforts just aren’t adequate, and with the weather having taken a turn for the worst in many areas, playing in the garden just isn’t an option.

By the time that the new school term starts in September, it’s fair to say that a large proportion of parents have had their fill of housework, although some may find themselves struggling to get on top of the housework well into the new school term.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, your best option could be to hire a professional house cleaning company. House cleaners can take a huge load off your mind, and can save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

Don’t spend the remainder of the summer holidays stressing about the state of your home, enjoy your time with the children.