Carpets have been the most popular floor covering in homes for a considerable number of years now, and with stylish new designs popping up on the market with each passing day, it certainly doesn’t look as though their popularity is about to falter any time in the near future.

However, once you have chosen trendy carpets and fitted them, your efforts don’t end there, as you then need to make sure that you take care to keep them clean.

Keeping carpets clean can be a task in itself, especially if your home has many inhabitants- particularly children. Below are a few of the key contributors which can result in your carpets looking less than their best, and how to try and avoid them…

Dirt/ mud

Even shoes which might look clean are likely to be carrying a considerable amount of dirt, so make sure that shoes are taken off at the door.

Food/ drink

Food and drink spillages are some of the most common, and they can be difficult to avoid. Confining food and drinks which are likely to stain to the kitchen can go a long way in helping though.

General debris

Vacuuming carpets several times a week is vital in getting rid of any general dirt and debris which inevitably accumulates.

Regular professional carpet cleaning will also help to keep your carpets looking newer for longer, and when it comes to superb carpet cleaning, London residents can take advantage of some of the best professionals in the UK.