There are many considerations to be made when organising a cleaning regime. You want to keep the house in the best shape possible but you also want to get the most from the amount of time your hired cleaner has available. So how do you decide how long should be spent in each area?

The best person to decide how long each area will take to clean is the cleaning company themselves, they’ll have a great deal of experience cleaning all types of homes so will be able to give you a reliable estimation based on the type of room, the size of the room and what’s in the room.

There are also instances when different types of room cleans can be carried out in the same room. For instance, if you have a cleaner once every week they may spend more time in certain rooms every other week, with special cleaning requests also carried out in certain areas occasionally.

To do this your cleaner will draw up a list of cleaning jobs they have to do and alongside each one can estimate a timescale based on the type of cleaning. For example in the lounge on one week it might only be necessary to dust and vacuum, but every other week cleaning of the windows, skirtings, architraves and other fittings, fixtures and ornaments may be appropriate.

It’s only when you have a long term cleaning contract in place with a cleaning company in London that you can be sure your home is being cleaned to an appropriate standard.