One of the major investments in your home is the floor coverings. Floor coverings don’t last forever, however you can prolong their life if you treat them properly and with respect. The most popular types of floor covering include:

Wooden flooring or laminate flooring

Wooden flooring and laminate flooring can be kept clean by vacuuming regularly and giving them a dry-mop over once in a while to remove grubby marks. Specialist cleaning liquids can be bought from most supermarkets which can bring back the lustre of the wooden or laminate surface.

Vinyl flooring

Like other floor surfaces vinyl can be vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. It can then be mopped using an appropriate cleaning liquid. Vinyl is really easy to keep clean but care must be taken when using certain cleaning products so as not to damage or dull the surface finish.


Carpets are easy to keep clean and regular vacuuming certainly helps here. However over time they may appear grubby, so it’s important to have them professionally cleaned to get deep down within the carpet pile and leave your carpet looking like new.