The term ‘housekeeper’ instantly brings images of Edwardian splendour and period drama, however the housekeeper has seen a resurgence over recent years as the busy professional needs someone to do the household tasks they simply don’t have time to do.

A housekeeper can complete the tasks around the home that you haven’t got time to do. They can do jobs such as the laundry, shopping, cooking, ironing and cleaning, leaving you to get on with your busy work schedule. This works especially well for the busy London professional whose work schedule is far too busy to warrant household chores.

It’s a housekeeper’s job to keep your home running smoothly and many will do countless other jobs in addition to those mentioned above.

Companies who supply housekeepers to London residents make sure that all their employees are security checked and also make sure that valid public liability insurance is in place so that homeowners do not need to worry about problems arising.

Having a housekeeper can remove the stress from daily life and can make you enjoy the time you get with your family and friends without worrying about all the jobs you have to do just to keep on top of things.