Most of us now have expensive flat panel televisions in our homes but only a few people know how to clean them properly.

Some of the WRONG ways to clean a flat screen television we’ve come across include:

• Using a furniture polish spray and a duster on the screen
• Using a window cleaning spray and a paper towel
• Wiping the screen and the case with a very damp sponge
• Using a slightly damp ‘rough’ cotton cloth

If you’ve cleaned your own television before you’ll perhaps be wondering what is wrong with some of the above cleaning methods but all these can cause problems.

The screens of flat screen televisions are very delicate and should be cleaned using an appropriate method to stop scratches forming. And one of the main causes of scratches on a flat panel television is the screen being wiped with paper towel. You might not realise it, but paper towels’ surface is relatively rough and can easily scratch the delicate screen.

The best way to clean the screen is to use an alcohol-free anti-run TV cleaning spray gel made specifically for cleaning TV and laptop screens and then wiping the excess away with a microfibre cloth. This is a simple yet effective way to clean the screen without causing any damage.