A builder’s clean is an essential part of a home’s preparation before it is released onto the general market. For new builds’ this is especially important, as many trades will have been working in the home for a period of time and a great deal of builder’s mess can be created.

Building work can create a significant amount of dust, and not just directly where the work is taking place. The dust, dirt and debris can work its way through the entire home. Even if the work area is cordoned off and only a small building job is completed, the mess generated can mean the whole house will require cleaning.

Builders cleaning services can be slightly different to standard domestic services. The cleaners may have to enter a building site, so may have to follow certain rules and regulations, and may even have to wear safety clothing to work on site. The cleaning job may also be ‘dirtier’ than standard domestic cleaning and specialist equipment may be required.

If standard cleaning isn’t enough to remove the dust and debris after a building job has been completed, it’s worth taking a look at specialist building cleaning services. Builders cleaning in London is the best way to get your home looking great after completion of a building project.