You can clean a house until it is spotlessly clean, but if the carpets look grubby the whole feel of the home is diminished.

Dirt and grime are easily ingrained into a carpet’s pile. And simple vacuuming is never enough to remove this completely. In the worst cases of carpet neglect, the carpet may become an unhygienic haven for dust mites and other unsavoury bugs, which may cause harm to the occupants in the home.

If you choose to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, they will be cleaned to the bottom of the carpet pile, removing the dust and dirt and making your home a cleaner place to live. The carpet cleaning company in London will inspect all the carpets prior to application of the cleaning agent to make sure that it is compatible with your carpet, and will then choose an appropriate cleaning technique.

The most common carpet cleaning technique is known as hot water extraction. In this method a hot soapy carpet cleaner is sprayed onto the carpet. This is allowed to penetrate the carpet for a few seconds before it is sucked from the carpet using a powerful liquid vacuum suction device.

If you didn’t think you needed your carpets cleaned, make sure you take a look at the waste liquid extracted during the process. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about how dirty your carpets really were.