Home cleaning companies are often asked what type of floor cleaning devices they use and the benefits of each device. Below are a list of the four most popular.

Regular vacuum cleaners

Regular vacuum cleaners have been in use for decades. They are however losing their popularity as new bagless cleaners become the want of the busy homeowner. It’s worth looking at the power output of the cleaner as this will often give an indication of suction power.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners are all the rage at the moment. And the reason for this can simply be put down to convenience. With bagless vacuum cleaners you can see when the cylinder is full and there’s no need to buy replacement bags. Bagless cleaners are suitable for all floor surfaces and come in a wide range of sizes.

Steam cleaners

If you have a floor to mop why not try a steam cleaner? A steam cleaner kills germs and bacteria and doesn’t use chemicals or expensive detergents. Some steam cleaners can also be used on upholstery and curtains making them an excellent product to own.

Cleaning robots

If you are interested in technology and don’t like doing the vacuuming it might be worth looking at a cleaning robot. These nifty little devices work their way around your home automatically sucking up the dust and dirt as the go. And when they run out of charge they simply return to their charging point before scooting across the floor to start the process again.