The most expensive furnishing in a home is not a bed, sofa or even the latest electronic gadget. The most expensive furnishing in a home is in fact the carpet which you walk on every day.

It’s true that most homeowners vacuum their carpets once in a while, but while they might wash their bedding and even have their curtains cleaned, they rarely invest in carpet cleaning, a process which can save a huge amount of money which would otherwise be spent on unnecessary replacement costs.

Perhaps the reason why many people in the UK don’t have their carpets cleaned is because they think the process is too expensive or that they are worried that their carpets might not cope well with the cleaning process. Both the above points are valid, but in the majority of cases the process is much cheaper than you might think, with a living room costing as little as £30 and different cleaning methods available which can be used on a wide variety of carpets.

So if you want a clean, hygienic home, cleaning the carpets is a wise move. It won’t just brighten up the room it’ll also save you money in the long term as replacement costs will be vastly reduced.