If you’ve decided to move into a bigger and better property, and have informed your current landlord that you will be ended your tenancy, you need to make sure that you leave the property in the same state which it was in when you arrived.

As well as simply being good manners, ensuring that the property is in pristine condition will ensure that you receive your deposit back. As deposits generally amount to a months rent or more, you won’t want to risk losing it.

Once you’ve checked all furniture and appliances over and are satisfied that they will meet the approval of your landlord, you then need to start to think about general cleaning.

When you’re moving property though you are likely to be completely rushed off your feet- which will leave you with very little time for sweeping and scrubbing. Rather than attempt a rushed and inadequate job though, it’s a much wiser idea to just call in the professionals.

Professional house cleaning companies are experts at end of tenancy cleaning, and they will make sure that every single corner of the property is as clean as possible. They can also take care of cleaning any upholstery, curtains and carpets which belong to your landlord.

End your tenancy properly and professionally with expert house cleaning.