Pregnant women require a particularly clean and hygienic environment to live in. It is necessary for the health of her child and herself. Physical fitness and wellbeing has to be maintained during early pregnancy. Domestic chores such as cleaning and washing expose pregnant mothers to the risk of contracting dangerous diseases.

The chemicals contained in the domestic cleaning products possess the ability to harm the pregnant women and is reported to increase the risks of medical conditions, such as asthma. Studies conducted by workers who have been in contact with these chemicals provide evidences for the dangers posed by the products.

The good news here is the introduction of domestic cleaning products that are considered safer with regards to health. You can also make cleaning products with the help of white vinegar, white soda, essential oils and lemon juice. These homemade products are friendly to the environment and user.
When using products containing bleach or using air freshener make sure the room is ventilated. The fumes can be reduced by switching on the fans and opening windows.

Opting for domestic cleaning services can also be beneficial during this period. These professionals would clean your house spic and span clean, while you can enjoy resting and reading a book in safety.

It is safer to take preventive measures and reduce the chances of infecting your new born. Wear protective clothing, read the instruction manual well before using any products. Try to avoid potent chemicals like ammonia and bleach altogether. Leave aside cleaning tight places such as the oven as the ventilation around this place is low. These tough jobs can be handled in a smart way by professional cleaners, who will allow you to relax in peace during your pregnancy.