It has been a long celebration night at your home and you have played the part of the perfect host. All the guests at the party have enjoyed themselves thoroughly and your reputation of being the perfect party planner has lived on.

However, after the last guest leaves, you are left standing in the middle of your home surveying the party scene. You can plan your future course of action based on the following choices:

• Pretend the house is clean and there is no mess and go to sleep. After all, you have had a long evening and can worry about the cleaning in the morning

• Roll up your sleeves and start cleaning right away, it’s okay if you manage only an hour of sleep but you need to wake up to a clean home

• Sit back and relax knowing that you have already booked a professional house cleaning company to do the post party clean up

Although, the first option is something that most of us choose and opt for, it often results in us promising never to throw a party again. The second option selected will require an enormous amount of will power and energy, something that is beyond us after a lively party.

The last option is the best choice and many house cleaning companies are available in the London area that undertake all house cleaning work and post party clean up work.