Carpet cleaning can be a very hectic and time consuming job. A dirty carpet can be full of spills, stains, dirt, dust, mud etc. Most people use vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets. However, they are not effective in removing all kinds of stubborn stains like tea and coffee stains. The best way to clean your office or home carpets would be by hiring a professional company to conduct these services.

There are many professional companies available today that specialise in carpet cleaning. These companies send professional cleaners to clean your carpets. These professionals have a good knowledge of carpet cleaning and help you get the best results. Most of the professional cleaners use dry extraction cleaning when it comes to cleaning carpets that are synthetic sturdy fibres or other natural fibres including cotton and wool that cannot be exposed to extreme moisture. The dry extraction cleaning method uses a specialised absorbent compound that contains special solvents and detergents to clean carpets. These compounds work as magnets that attract dirt, soil and oils from the carpet fibres.

The rotary shampoo cleaning method is one of the oldest methods to remove marks and stains from the carpet. In this method, a liquid is put on the carpet and is cleaned with the help of a machine that has rotating brushes that pushes through your carpet, to ensure thorough cleaning. However, there are many companies that use different methods to clean your carpets. To get carpets cleaned thoroughly, use professional carpet cleaning services.