In the last article we started our discussion on how to clean lampshades. It’s important that all the lampshades around your home are kept clean, but unfortunately they are often a forgotten item which when you eventually get around to cleaning them are found to be covered in dust and dirt.

In the last article we discussed cleaning glass shades, in this article we’ll discuss fabric shades.

Cleaning fabric lampshades

Making sure the electricity supply is turned off, remove the lampshade from the electrical fitting by removing the bulb and then unscrewing the plastic cap holding the shade in place. It’s much easier to clean the shade with it removed from the lamp stand or light fitting.

One of the best ways to remove dust from a fabric shade is to use a vacuum fitted with a soft brush. The vacuum can be moved over the shade and the surfaces brushed clean. If the shade is still dirty you can use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe over the shade. If the preceding two steps don’t work, as a last resort you can use well rung out cloth to try to wipe the fabric surfaces clean. This can work on some fabrics but it’s important to test a spot first, as watermarks can be left on some opaque fabrics and spoil the look of the shade.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get a very dirty fabric light shade looking like new without taking a leap of faith and using oxygen-activated washing powder, but if you do this you have to bear in mind that you might have to purchase a new shade if the results are unsatisfactory.