We all lead stressful lives, so the last thing we want to do when we finally put our feet up at the end of a long day is start cleaning or ironing. And with the spare time we have at the weekend now more important than ever, perhaps it’s time to think about hiring someone to help with the chores.

If you have children life can turn into a rollercoaster of things to do, places to be and never ending cleaning and tidying. And whilst most people who have kids do find time to tidy up after them when they are tucked up in bed, most times it is only a tidy and only rarely do we think about doing a deep clean.

A brief tidy around might involve picking toys up from the floor, wiping the work surfaces over with a surface cleaner and giving the floor an occasional vacuum. But what about cleaning the windows, wiping the skirting boards and mopping the floors? Every now and again a room will need a ‘detox’ to bring it back to the clean state it should really be in. And it’s this detox that rarely gets done when you have kids.

Many people who have children opt for a cleaner, not to do the simple jobs which we can keep on top of, but instead to do the deep down cleaning which rarely otherwise gets done.

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a cleaner to help out with your deep down cleaning there’s no time like the present.