When you decorate a room, perhaps the most expensive part of the redecoration is the replacement of the floor covering. New carpet or solid wood flooring can cost a pretty penny and blow the modest budget you started out with.

Recarpeting an averaged sized room can cost anywhere in the region of up to £1,000, and that’s not taking into consideration the underlay, gripper and fitting costs. So it makes sense then to assess the condition of your current carpet and instead opt for a professional carpet clean.

If you live in a busy city like London your carpets can acquire a large amount of dirt and dust over time. And whilst vacuuming may remove some of this debris, it never reaches the dirt deep down in the pile, leaving your carpet dirtier than you dare think.

Carpet cleaning in London might not be as expensive as you may think. And when a carpet is professionally cleaned it can really be brought back to life. Most professional carpet cleaning firms in London use a hot water extraction system, which cleans the carpet deep down to the base of the pile. And the commercial machines used are so powerful that the carpets are usually dry again within matter of hours.

Maybe it’s worth thinking twice before you choose to replace a carpet in a room you are decorating. A simple carpet clean by a professional carpet cleaning company in London will not only cost less it will also give you fantastic results.