It might not be easy to fit everyone into either of this article title’s categories, but in most cases you’ll be able to say whether you are more predisposed to tidying your home or more predisposed to cleaning thoroughly.

When you clean a room do you do it thoroughly? – Cleaners

If you are a ‘cleaner’ you might not be so bothered that your home is tidy, but you will clean a room properly when you do get around to it. Cleaners are usually methodical in their cleaning approach and may do one room thoroughly before they move onto the next.

Many people in the UK fall into the second of the above categories – Tidiers

Tidiers might keep their home clean on the surface, but if you open one of the drawers in their living room you might get an instant look under their seemingly spotless exterior. Tidiers usually have a clean home but this is sometimes just clean on the surface. Surfaces may be dusted and the kitchen and bathroom wiped over, but when it comes to deep-down cleaning they are not so on the ball. Tidiers should always set aside time to clean their homes thoroughly on a monthly basis so the real grime can be wiped away.