Windows will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them sparkling clean and streak free, but problems can sometimes be encountered when you clean windows during sunny weather.

As a general rule a householder should never clean their windows when the sun is shining directly on the window as the heat can dry the cleaning solution before it is wiped or polished away, leaving streaks. However in some situations you might have to clean the windows when the sun is shining, a factor which cleaning companies in London know all too well.

How to clean windows in the sun to stop streaks

It’s important to remove all water/washing solution as soon as possible if the window is warmed by the sun. This will reduce the chance of a shadow forming on the window. If you have a number of windows to clean make sure you only clean one at a time so the cleaning solution does not have chance to dry. Using a combination tool can work well here. The window can be washed using the sponge on one side of the tool and wiped using the blade on the other.

If you are still having problems with streaks the only solution left is to use more water and really get the window very wet. This will wash away all the dirt so even if the water left on the glass dries it will be clean water and not dirty water.