• Never keep items unused for long. Old and worn out stuff must be got rid of immediately. If you have documents, files and papers, file them away to make it easier to dust and clean frequently. Sell old items and replace them with new ones or free up space.
• Always carry out the house cleaning process from top to bottom. Begin with the ceilings, walls, windows and then move on to tables, drawers, floors etc. Remember to have the final session of vacuuming the area to leave no trace of dust.
• One very minor point to note is the involvement of others in cleaning. To make the process fun and simpler, it is advisable to include other members of the family too. This cuts down on time and you will not feel overly stressed.
• Designate different chores to every person involved in house cleaning. For instance, chores like washing dishes, cleaning floors, wiping windows and dusting curtains, tending the garden etc.
• The best method is to hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. They are efficient and have the right tools to effectively complete the task.

These above mentioned tips are very simple and helpful if followed. It will surely make a huge difference to you with respect to your time and cleanliness.