We all know that the cleaning and the tidying can be rather tiresome, but if it’s made a fun job and everyone contributes, the household cleaning can be done in a jiffy. And there’s one website we noticed recently that helps you do just this.

HighScore House is a website that claims to make the cleaning fun. It lets you and your children decide what tasks you want to take ownership of and choose rewards for when you’ve completed the tasks. The points you earn can be redeemed for the rewards.

The website claims that it works for parents because it saves time and reduces stress; it also gives helpful advice for you to get started. For kids it’s a fun way to take responsibility and learn to work for long-term goals.

The website’s still in its beta phase, but it’s 100% free to use if you stick to the basic features.

If you haven’t got time to do the chores and your children won’t play along to your game, there’s always professional housecleaners to turn to. The professionals know what needs doing and do it in double-quick time. This leaves you without the worry or the stress of keeping on top of the chores.