It is always recommended that you make use of a house cleaning specialist to free up your time and ensure that the job is done well, but if you don’t do this, you can stay on top of things by creating a domestic cleaning checklist.

A domestic cleaning checklist is basically a record of all the cleaning tasks you have to do around the house. The best thing to do is split it up into several different checklists – one for daily activities, one for weekly and one for tasks that need to be carried out less frequently.

Checklists will be different for different homes. Large families might do washing every day, while single people and young couples might wash only weekly. Having made your lists, you can refer to them and do tasks according to urgency and the time available to you.

A checklist will help you be more systematic when cleaning your home, which is crucial if you work long hours and are often short of time. If you make a checklist and still find yourself struggling to stay on top of everything, maybe now’s the time to hire a domestic cleaning company to help you out.