Keeping your home clean in this day and age can be even more of a chore than it was in years gone by. These days, it is a simple fact that we all have less time. Despite all the gadgets and labour-saving devices that are designed to make life easier, we’ve somehow filled our time with more and more activities and more and more work.

This lack of time can make domestic cleaning problematic. If you’re not going to employ a professional domestic cleaning company, the key is to be organised. One simple step you can take is to create a house cleaning checklist.

What should go on a house cleaning checklist?

Spend some time thinking about what needs cleaning in your home. List every job that ever needs doing and then assign a frequency for each task. For example, you might vacuum the carpets weekly, but you are only likely to deep clean them once every few months.

List everything you can think of. This will take a while, but the key is that you are only going to do it once. Once you’ve made your list, you save yourself the trouble of thinking about this ever again.

Of course, when you’ve got your list, you might feel a little bit overfaced by the scale of the task ahead of you. Maybe now is the time to contact a professional cleaning company to get them to do your domestic cleaning for you.