It’s the duty of every employer to make sure that their employees work in a safe and hygienic environment, so it’s important to make sure that work areas are clean at all times so no hazards exist. However, keeping on top of the cleaning can be tricky so it’s important that employers find ways to promote a healthy, happy work environment. Perhaps the two places at work which can soon become dirty are the office kitchen and the office carpets.

Office kitchen cleaning

Office kitchens can soon become grubby if someone isn’t responsible for their upkeep. Too many members of staff think it’s not their job to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, so it can quickly become overrun with unwashed plates and cups, leaving it a mess for the next person who uses it. Office cleaners in London can clean those things which employees ignore such as cleaning the microwave and the sink. They can also clean out the fridge and can wipe surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner to make sure they are hygienically clean.

Cleaning office carpets

Office carpets can get really grubby after years of use. They are commonly vacuumed but they are rarely cleaned properly, which can be detrimental to the health of your employees. Office carpets have to cope with being walked across far more frequently than you would on your carpet at home, whilst also bearing the full brunt of muddy shoes and wet weather. Professional office carpet cleaning is thus a must in many offices in the UK.