The midlands regions of Dudley, Wolverhampton and South Stafford have been cleaning up their act in preparation for the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

Councils in local areas have been busy street-cleaning, cutting grass and picking litter from the roads before the torch passes through the Black Country next weekend. The flame route will be spruced up before the arrival of the flame, with councils revealing they will be reusing Jubilee bunting to try to help encourage a party atmosphere.

Tracy Wood from Dudley council said:

“Tidying work in advance of the relay including cleaning and grass cutting is part of our normal service, which in some cases has been brought forward to coincide with the special day,”

In Wolverhampton council assistant chief exec Joanne Lancaster said:

“Of course, like all cities, we have some areas which are less attractive than others and we are continually making efforts to improve the look of these.

“All along the route we’ll be celebrating the Torch’s arrival with a very lively programme of free events, and instead of covering other less attractive areas with hoardings, we’ve decided to make these events the focus of people’s attention.”

You don’t have to wait for the arrival of the Olympic flame to clean your own home. Cleaning services are relatively cheap to hire and can give you that all-important time you need to do more important things.