Regardless of whether we live in an apartment, a semi or a detached home, space is an important issue for all of us. The things that we accumulate in our home over time start to build up and can result in a lack of space, which creates a chaotic and confused situation.

Some handy suggestions and tips to de-clutter your home are:

• Avoid trying to clean up everything in one attempt. What has taken you probably a year or more to get pile up will certainly not be cleaned up in a single day.

• Create a start and finish date give yourself a schedule for finishing the cleaning up and de-cluttering of your home. It is best to set yourself a realistic schedule keeping in mind your work timings and other daily activities.

• After setting the cleaning schedule, decide on what space you want to clean up first. This is a good way of systematically removing the unwanted things and cleaning your home.

De-cluttering and cleaning your home may not sound like a fun job to do but it is definitely one of the must-do jobs. If you have not done any de-cluttering in your home for more than a year and would like to get rid of some stuff now, then get organised and start cleaning.