Most of us know just how easy it is to let the state of our homes get a little out of control. Trying to juggle a demanding job with an active social life, in between trying to keep yourself fit at the gym could mean that your house cleaning efforts are pushed firmly to the back of your mind.

If you’ve neglected the cleaning and tidying for a little too long, there are some quick-fix temporary measures that you can take in order to get it looking a little more presentable.

Confine any clothing or footwear that is lying around to a cupboard or wardrobe, where it is completely out of sight. Separate clean and worn clothes, so that when it comes to dealing with the laundry the task is much quicker.

Stack any dirty pots, pans and cutlery neatly- there’s nothing worse than looking at a sink full of dirty plates!

If you can, try and give carpets a quick vacuuming- this will instantly help your home to look much better.

If you really don’t think that you will have time to deal with the house cleaning in the foreseeable future, get some help from a professional cleaning company- who will have your home looking spic and span in no time at all.