If your general attitude to house cleaning is ‘I’ll deal with it when I have the time’, it may be that the state of your home is left neglected for long periods of time, and we all know that this usually results in the situation quickly getting out of control.

When you have a career, family and social life to try and juggle, you’re not left with a great deal of time to juggle much else- especially not hours of house cleaning tasks.

None of us want to leave our homes in an absolute state though, and you can only begin to imagine how embarrassed you will feel if visitors call around expectedly.

This is why the New Year is the perfect time to change your attitude to house cleaning and deal with the task head on. This doesn’t have to result in you spending every last bit of your free time wiping, polishing and hovering though, as you can simply hire a house cleaning service.

Start as you mean to go on in 2011 with a new attitude towards the state of your home and a home which looks as good as new.