Stain removal

Some aspects of house cleaning are more difficult than others. It is always best to consult professional house cleaning services to give your house a thorough clean, but between their visits, there are things you can do to keep your home looking spotless.

Ceramic flooring

Sweep and mop your floors regularly with clean water and you’ll be surprised at how sparkling they look. If you need to, add a dash of cleaning product to your warm water, but ensure that you change the water when it gets cloudy. Too much soap or dirty water will make your floors dull and sticky.


Old grouting should be cleaned using a strong cleaning agent and a grout brush or old toothbrush. For tough spots you should use bleach, but make sure you wear rubber gloves. Rinse the grout thoroughly when you have cleaned it.

Hard water spots

Hard water deposits are alkaline in nature, so it is recommended that you use an acid based cleaner, like phosphoric acid, to clean them. Limescale removers generally have a high level of phosphoric acid, so they should do the trick.

Keep these simple and helpful tips for house cleaning in mind. If you have trouble cleaning a big house, ensure that you call in house cleaning experts.