Next time you do the cleaning you might want to focus your attention to other household items rather than the classic areas of the home which generally need a clean.

Researchers in America have revealed that the average mobile phone has over ten times more germs which cause stomach upsets than on a toilet seat.

Experts from the University of Arizona say that phones are a source of bacteria because they are taken with us everywhere we go and are commonly passed between people. A phone’s close connection between our hands and mouth is another common reason why they are a mechanism for spreading germs and bacteria.

Previous research has also highlighted a computer keyboard as a haven for bacteria alongside kitchen door handles and TV remote controls. Which? conducted a random survey of computer keyboards and found that of the 33 tested, four keyboards contained potentially hazardous e.coli, coliforms and staphylococcus aureus.

It’s important when doing the cleaning to focus on the areas where dust and dirt may gather but it’s also worth bearing in mind those places you might not think of cleaning such as your phone and the TV remote.