With the 21st of March being the official start of spring, perhaps now is a good time to consider giving your home its annual spring clean.

Some homeowners choose to spring clean themselves and this can be a good way to tacking the sizable task.

There are a few tips which professional cleaning companies in London use to make their cleaning routines work for them. One of these is to first do a survey of the area to be cleaned and make notes on what needs to be done. This will give you an idea which tasks will need to be prioritised so that a timescale can be worked out and those heavily soiled items can be tackled first.

If you’ve managed to get the whole family involved in your spring clean it can be worthwhile apportioning jobs to those who are best suited to the task. Children should be asked to clean their own rooms and a toddler may find it great fun to wash those non-expensive pots and pans.

Another option is to choose to clean a different room each week. This way you can put all your energy into one area at a time, so nothing will be missed and you’ll stay focussed. However for those people with large families or those who work full time, opting for a professional cleaning company in London might be a good idea.