Carpet cleaning is a job best left to the professionals. Carpets need care when you clean them and a high level of attention to detail. If you want to clean the carpet in your home or office, here are a few simple and practical tips.

• Get a wet cleaner: You can borrow a wet cleaner machine if you do not own one. Renting is a good option. Renting a machine will give you the benefit of getting all the other equipment as well.

• Vacuum: You should vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of the hard and dry particulate dirt that afflicts your carpet. You can also get rid of allergens and dust mites with the help of vacuuming.

• For liquid stains: You can also use pre spray for heavily soiled areas. Use more pre spray for very soiled areas instead of using more carpet shampoo.

• Use hot water: The wet cleaner machine’s hose or reservoir should make use of hot water or warm water. The temperature of the water needs to be as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

• After cleaning: After you have cleaned the carpet, it is recommended that you use the carpet only when it is dry. Allow your carpet to dry overnight. Open the windows and keep a fan running in order to dry the carpet thoroughly.

Keep these simple tips in mind when carpet cleaning.