A new robotic vacuum device has just been launched by electronics giant Sharp, which promises to clean your carpets while giving you a low-down on how it’s getting along.

Cocorobo can communicate in three languages and has around 30 phrases which it can use to keep you updated on its progress. The robot also features a small integral camera so can take pictures and give you a live-streaming view of your floor and room, which it can beam directly to your mobile device.

Sharp’s new vacuuming robot uses infra-red sensors so it doesn’t bump into things while vacuuming and when it’s running low on battery it can make its own way back to its docking station to recharge its batteries.

The mobile app which works alongside Cocorobo shows the user things such as the distance travelled by the robot, now much charge it has left and the temperature of the room.

Having a nifty gadget which can help with the cleaning chores is a great idea, but when you really need to do a deep clean there’s nothing that can match the services of a professional house cleaning company.