It’s quite easy to get your home ready for the summer months, but many people don’t even consider that rooms can be made to look very different by just doing a few key things.

Summer is all about bright colours and creating an airy feel in the home, but many people don’t make changes to their room to reflect the way the room should feel. Things such as soft furnishings in dark colours and heavy rugs are still sitting around the room, just as they were through the winter months, and can make the room feel cramped and dark.

A few tips which can really help get your home ready for the summer are:

• Remove throws from sofas
• Take up area rugs to give the room a cooler feel
• Declutter your space and adopt a minimalistic view to décor through the summer months
• Make sure the rooms are cleaned thoroughly, hire a professional house cleaner if you don’t have the time
• Remove ‘stuff’ from kitchen worktops
• Position a bunch of flowers in a prominent place – if you can’t afford new flowers try an orchid which should last a few months
• Try to bring the outdoors in by opening windows whenever possible
• Make sure all the windows are washed and are sparkling clean

It’s not hard to get ready for the summer months, however when you have a thorough cleaning regime and you declutter your space, you can really make a difference to how the home looks.