Curtains have an annoying tendency to start to look incredibly grubby incredibly quickly, and they’re often not the easiest things to clean and dry- especially in the current cold weather.

Although you might not think it, curtains can make up a huge part of the average home decor, so unless you want to ruin the risk of your home look dark and dirty, the moment that you realise your curtains are looking less than their best, you need to make a move to rectify the situation.

Cleaning curtains properly often doesn’t simply involve popping them into the washing machine with the detergent and fabric softener which you use for your everyday laundry though, and it’s generally best to let a professional do the job.

House cleaning professionals can achieve the best curtain cleaning results, whilst ensuring that curtains aren’t damaged in the process. Cleaning your curtains yourself could result in colour running or fading, shrinkage and general damage to material, although the professionals will be able to determine the best method of cleaning to ensure that these risks aren’t present.

Let the sun shine in through beautifully clean curtains this spring, and really brighten up the look of your home.