When you’ve been cooking in the kitchen it can take ages for the smells or odours to dissipate. Kitchen smells can really put you off your food and can be cause for concern that your cleaning regime might not be up to scratch. Some quick kitchen cleaning tips include:


If you are using your oven to cook on a regular basis you’ll need to make sure you clean it on a regular basis too. The oven is one part of the kitchen which can easily fall into neglect, as when the door is shut the horrors inside can be hidden away. If you use a proprietary cleaning agent, make sure it does not damage the oven surface; always test an inconspicuous location first.


Regular refrigerator cleaning is vital to get rid of those lingering smells. You should empty your fridge on a weekly basis and dispose of anything which is past its use by date. When you do this it’s easy to wipe out the fridge with a soapy cloth.


Sinks can become really smelly if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, and this doesn’t just mean giving them a wipe over with a damp cloth. A hot water/bleach mix should be poured down the sink on a regularly to remove any food debris which may be accumulating.

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