If you thought your home was messy after a day of constant use, spare a thought for the pub landlords up and down the UK, who have to perform miracles after last orders to make their premises look appealing once again.

It’s easy to see how pubs can get grubby very quickly indeed. Even if one didn’t drink or eat on the premises, just the number of people through the doors every day would be enough to justify a thorough clean. But when you add to that the food and drink spills and the constant movement of furniture, it’s easy to see why cleaning regularly is absolutely essential.

Luckily pub owners don’t have to do the cleaning themselves when the doors close – they can leave that to a public house cleaning service.

A pub cleaning service will make sure your premises are spotless, which is essential for somewhere which serves food and drink, and can make sure the rooms used are inviting when the doors open the next day. This is especially useful in the city of London, where the footfall through public houses can be astronomical and keeping on top of the cleaning without hiring a cleaner would be nigh on impossible.