Some rooms in the home get grubby quite quickly compared to others and it’s mainly the rooms we live in the most that require the most cleaning. And the same can be said about the accessories we have in these rooms. Most items can be vacuumed, dusted or polished to get them sparkling clean, but in some instances the cleaning of a specific item might be a little trickier and need a little more attention than usual.

Cleaning Venetian blinds

If you have a Venetian blind it’s easy to neglect its cleaning regime until the dirt and grime are really noticeable. You shouldn’t worry however because cleaning Venetian blinds is really easy, you just need to follow some simple instructions.

It’s easier to clean these blinds if you take the blind down from the window before you start cleaning. This can usually be done quite easily by pulling the two catches so the blind comes away from the securing strut. You can then lay the blind out over an old sheet in the garden, if you have room, to make the cleaning easier.

If your blinds are made from wood you’ll have to be really careful if you get them wet as damage may ensue so the following steps may not be applicable.

Regular washing up liquid mixed in a bowl of hot water is a great way to start the blind cleaning process. The soap suds can get rid of those greasy stains easily. Using a sponge wipe each slat in turn focussing on any really greasy areas. The blind can be turned over and the slats cleaned again.
When all the slats have been cleaned they can be rinsed with fresh water. It’s important to mop up any water residue on the blinds and then allow them to dry completely before you re-hang them.

To stop blinds getting really dirty you can dust slats regularly or even use a damp cloth to stop grease building up.