Following on from Part 1 of this article we continue with the most efficient way to clean a living room.
If you have an entertainment system, make sure that it is dusted and lifted from its stand so that every part of it can be cleaned. Even if it means removing cables from the system, it’s worth cleaning it properly now. There is no excuse for dust behind the TV, under the DVD player or under the TV unit.

Windows are the next thing to be cleaned. Clean window frames with a damp cloth and then clean the glass to a sparkling finish. Any plants you have can also be dusted carefully to remove dust settled on the leaves. A good idea is to give them a quick spray with cold water using a misting gun; this can refresh them and also make dust easier to remove.

All other surfaces can then be wiped down including furniture fronts and backs, window sills and any fireplace hearths. Make sure you don’t forget the door handles as these can really get grubby and are a haven for germs.

Last but not least you can use a vacuum to suck up debris from the carpet or other floor covering. Make sure you do behind all the furniture before pushing it back and concentrating on the centre of the room. If you have a tiled floor this can be mopped or if you have a hardwood floor you can clean this with hardwood floor cleaner or wipes.