We are all more than aware of the fact that we need to clean our homes on a regular basis, although many people might feel a little confused about how often this should be.

There are several factors which can contribute to how often you need to clean your home- with the amount of inhabitants having a significant impact. If you have children, it’s a dead cert that you will need to clean and tidy your home than an individual who lives alone.

Pets can also play a part in the frequency with which you need to clean, as nobody wants to live in a home which is full of fur or where floors are littered with paw prints.

A home which is cluttered with lots of items is also more likely to need thorough cleaning than a more minimalist home- so if you’re guilty of hoarding clutter, it’s always a good idea to pencil in a clear out.

However often you need to clean your home, if you lead a rather hectic lifestyle, you could find yourself struggling to find the time- in which case you could benefit from hiring a professional house cleaning company.