Many of us are aware that we should clean our homes more regularly than we actually do, but we still try to put off doing the cleaning for as long as possible. But how often should a home be cleaned and is there an average time span between cleaning?

There are quite a few factors which can contribute to the length of time you can leave between cleans, but it’s the inhabitants of the home that play the greatest part in the frequency of house cleaning.

It goes without saying that if you have a large home with a single inhabitant it will need to be cleaned less frequently than a small home with many inhabitants. Pets too can make a real difference to the frequency of cleaning. A single cat in a home can create a considerable amount of mess when it is moulting. And you might find you need to vacuum your home every single day when this happens.

Clutter can also attract a lot of dust. So if you have lots of ornaments you need to factor in time to clean them all on a regular basis.

If you were looking for an answer to the initial question you unfortunately won’t get one, as every home is different. However, if you contact a team of professional house cleaners in London they can assess your home and your specific requirements and come up with an action plan which should mean your home is kept clean and fresh as often as is needed.