Carpets as still as popular as ever in homes, and there are some truly stunning styles available on the market on the moment. Quality carpets are often a very costly investment for the modern homeowner, and whilst carpets will sustain general wear and tear, there are steps which you can take which will help them to stay looking newer for longer.

Leave shoes at the door

Traipsing through the home wearing outdoor footwear will leave your carpets looking very dirty, very quickly, so make sure that the entire family invests in comfy slippers and that shoes are left at the door.

Vacuum on a regular basis

Depending on the number of occupants in your home, vacuuming generally needs to be carried out several times a week. This will help to ensure that debris is removed quickly and doesn’t become embedded in carpets.

Invest in rugs

Strategically placing rugs and mats in the home will really help to preserve the condition of carpets, and can be picked up very affordably.

In addition to following these steps, regular professional carpet cleaning is also essential. Professional carpet cleaning, London and beyond, is very reasonably priced nowadays, so there are no excuses for shabby carpets.