With the weather taking a turn for the worst over the last week or so, now is the time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the winter. We spend more time indoors through the winter period and because of this most people find this is the time of the year to do those household jobs they’ve been putting off through the summer.

In the winter the summer shoes we’ve been wearing normally get pushed to one side and those winter boots or heavy soled shoes make an appearance, as they are much better at coping with the cold, wet weather. The problem with this is that those big boots can leave a trail of destruction in their wake when you walk through the front door. The only way to stop bringing in that dirt and debris into the house is to take those boots off on the doorstep, but this rarely happens.

The hallway is thus a magnet for dirt and debris over the autumn and winter months, so more time than usual will need to be spent on its cleaning regime. The best type of flooring for a hallway is tiles or damp proof wooden flooring, as these types of flooring can be mopped over frequently. But perhaps the best thing to install in the hallway at this time of year is some sort of coir mat where shoes can be wiped clean.

Hallway cleaning needs to be done on a frequent basis over the winter and this is something which cleaning companies in London can cater for.