As a landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure that you’re property is as spotless as possible when new tenants are about to move in.

Even if your previous tenants did a really good job of cleaning up after themselves and leaving the property in a perfectly pristine condition, there are likely to be spots which they have missed or which could benefit from another going over.

Busy landlords rarely have the time to don the rubber gloves and get the dustpan and brush out though, although there are lots of willing house cleaning professionals out there who can quickly and effortlessly do the job for you.

House cleaning professionals will ensure that every single nook and cranny is carefully cleaned, and if you are letting out a fully or partly furnished property they can also clean any carpets and upholstery.

House cleaners can pay the property a visit at a time which is completely convenient to you, and if you’d prefer not to be present, you can simply hand them the keys and let them get on with the job.

Give your new tenants a wonderful welcome, and show just how much of a great landlord you will be.